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Our new Boeing 737-800 flight simulator is now available to airlines and ATOs for dry hire.


Our Boeing 737-800 simulator at Cambridge Airport is now available to airlines and training organisations for dry hire.

This fixed-base simulator has been manufactured by Sim Industries and features a genuine Boeing flight dynamics model (B737-800W 27K).

The Rockwell Collins EP-8000 image generator is the most advanced in the world, and the 200x40 collimated visual system is superior to those fitted to most Level-D full flight simulators.

This simulator is ideal for:

  • OPC
  • Assessment/screening
  • Multi Crew Cooperation Courses (MCC)
  • Jet Orientation Courses (JOC)
  • Instrument training
  • B737 familiarisation
  • Command preparation
  • Refresher
  • Raw-data flying

Simulator certification

The simulator is currently certified to FNPTII-MCC level, but far exceeds the standards required for that certification level.


CAA Qualification Certificate

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