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Prepare for your airline simulator assessment with confidence.

Our professional, one-to-one simulator assessment preparation sessions are designed to give you the best possible chance of passing the simulator check and getting the job. We are not here to judge you on your skills, but to help you and give you all the support you need to prepare. 


What makes our assessment preparation the best available?

Expert advice

As leaders in assessment preparation we have unrivalled knowledge of the most airline assessment profiles. Our service extends beyond the simulator session itself, and we are here to assist you 7 days a week, 362 days a year.

Current instructors

Your instructor is there to assist you, not to test you, so you can practise without the pressure of examiner scrutiny. Our instructor requirements are exceptionally high, and most instructors are actually current line pilots.

Choice of aircraft types

We can offer you access to a larger fleet of Airbus and Boeing full flight simulators than any other company in the UK. We have our own Boeing 737-800 fixed based simulator which offers exceptional value for money.

Choice of locations

Through our partnerships with CAE, CTC and Boeing Training, your preparation session can take place at one of six locations at Gatwick, Manchester or Southampton. Or visit our own Training Centre at Cambridge Airport.

Proven track record

Virtual Aviation is a leading provider of specialist simulator training and we have helped many hundreds of commercial pilots secure their first airline position in the 16 years since the company was formed in 1998.

Last minute bookings

If you are not given much warning of your simulator assessment, we can usually still help. With a large team of instructors to call upon, we can often make bookings at very short notice.

Customer feedback

I was phoned by Ryanair 2 days ago informing that I was successful in the assessment and they have offered me a type rating starting in June. I certainly think my time in the sim at cambridge helped a huge way towards this success. Thanks very much.
— Ian M
The staff were extremely friendly and very supportive. The sim was great and really helped me prepare for the interview. Everyone there was so nice. I would most definitely recommend this sim to anybody else. I am glad to say I got the job thanks to this sim preparation :-)
— Miguel E
Very useful, would not hesitate recommending yourselves to anyone with an assessment coming up as it was a great help and definitely improved my chances of getting the job!
— Harry D
I found this experience very helpful. At the assessment I was very confident with the airplane thanks to the hours I did with Virtual Aviation. The instructor has been extremely helpful, I remain impressed from his professionalism. Thanks to Virtual Aviation I got the job!
— Marco T
I found my sessions in the 737-800 incredibly useful in preparation for my Ryanair assessment. Rob and Tim were both extremely knowledgeable and supportive throughout. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Virtual Aviation to anybody with an assessment coming up - indeed I’d say you’d be very foolish not to pay them a visit!
— Jack R
All Staff extremely friendly and helpful. My instructor (Rick) was an absolute gentleman and an excellent instructor. His quality of instructing, in such short time in the simulator before the assessment, contributed greatly towards being successful in the assessment.
— Jack C
The preparation was extremely useful. I felt very confident and well prepared after my session. Rick is an excellent and supportive instructor who gave a lot of useful tips. I would definitely recommend you. Thank you so much.
— Jan K
The preparation I received was immensely useful and I felt much more confident on the assessment day. The profiles we practised were very similar and in fact harder, I think! Thank you so much.
— Paul S
I was very happy with my sim session and I feel that I had a very productive lesson. Paul was an excellent instructor, providing a thorough brief and relating his flying tips to the real life flying that he does. He gives a lot of encouragement and endeavours to get the most out of the lesson. Overall I am very happy with the whole experience.
— Ross C

These are just some of the airlines our customers are now flying for


An experienced team on hand to assist you

When you deal with us you can expect small-company service and attention to detail. We're passionate about what we do, and about making sure your experience with us is an exceptional one.

So if you want advice about an upcoming assessment or any other related simulator training we offer, just ask. Our friendly, specialist team are just a phone call away.

Our office is open 7 days a week and you can call us on 01223 979737 or send us a message.

Mark Green, Flight Training Manager

Mark Green, Flight Training Manager

Prices (Fixed Base Simulator)

Boeing 737-800 flight simulator at Cambridge Airport, near London Stansted. At around half the hourly cost of a full-motion flight simulator, and with the world's most advanced visual system providing an excellent sensation of motion, this simulator offers exceptional value for money.

Simulator Training

1hr briefing
2hr simulator session
30min de-briefing

Instructor included

£575 plus VAT
£690 including VAT

View availability and book online

Simulator Training

1hr briefing
3hr simulator session
30min de-briefing

Instructor included

£825 plus VAT
£990 including VAT

View availability and book online

Simulator Training

1hr briefing
4hr simulator session
30min de-briefing

Instructor included

£1075 plus VAT
£1290 including VAT

View availability and book online

Prices (Full Flight Simulator)

Choose from a large fleet of Airbus & Boeing full-motion flight simulators at London Gatwick, Manchester and Southampton.

Prices vary depending on location and simulator type. Please call us on 01223 979737 for pricing and availability.

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