An unbelievably fantastic experience, tailored to each individuals expectations and previous experience. Educational in all aspects, and great fun at the same time. The smile we are all wearing will last for weeks to come!
— Nigel Willson
Mark, our instructor, was totally competent and very knowledgable - a pleasure to spend time with!
The actual time spent was conducted in a professional manner and the actual flight time and training was totally enjoyable and a real eye opener with regards to just how hard these pilots work when flying for real.
I was completely spent at the end of the 2 hour session! They have earned a new level of respect from me.
— Chris Clack (14th March 2016)
A wonderful experience for young budding pilots. Welcoming and knowledgable staff make the simulator experience extremely enjoyable. Highly recommended for anyone who would love to fly whatever your age.
— Karen Donovan (23rd February 2016)
We bought this virtual flight for 12yr old he absolutely loved it and so did we just watching , Instructor was brilliant I am sure this is something he will want to do again. It is so realistic had a fantastic afternoon.
— Christine Beavis (21st January 2016)
What an amazing experience! We bought this flight sim experience for our 17 year son, but we all went along as a family and really enjoyed it. The whole thing is so realistic and brings home the skill and ability of the people who pilot these machines. Our instructor was so nice and so reassuring about the whole thing, while still keeping it technical and ‘real’.
— Lisa Coleman (12th January 2016)
I have now spent 13 hrs in the B737NG simulator at Cambridge and I want to keep coming back for more (even though my wife thinks that I am mad). The last session was a 3 hr session. I had been in touch with my instructor beforehand so he was aware of the sorts of manoeuvres that I wanted to undertake. Initially, I refamiliarised myself with taking off from Heathrow (LHR/EGLL) and landing at London City (LCY/EGLC) and vice versa. Manoeuvres into and out of LCY in a B737NG are quite fun as the aircraft is not in theory allowed to land there. After several additional approaches/landings in various climatic conditions, it was off to Bhutan for landings and take-offs at Paro (PBH/VQPR runways 15/33) which is in the midst of mountains, is high (~7300 ft) and has a relatively short runway (~6500 ft). Then we went to La Paz Bolivia (LPB/SLLP), the world’s highest international airport at 13,325 ft. It has a long runway (13,300 ft) but brakes should not be used on landing. The aircraft has to be brought to a stop using reverse thrust.

This just gives you a taste of some of the sorts of manoeuvres you can try. All-in-all, a marvellous day out.
— Peter Sugden (18th August 2015)
We weren’t sure whether we would all have a go, but this was very couple of hours enjoyable for the whole family. We had a great time and it was a lovely birthday treat for Tim.
— Helen Stacy (22nd June 2015)
Three generations of my family took part in the experience. We all had the most fantastic day and would certainly come again! Mark, our instructor, was informative, good fun, and out to make sure we had a good day. Thanks!
— Chris Hood (1st June 2015)
Our Captain was Chris, and what a lovely man he was. Booked this for my daughters 18th birthday, and it was a perfect introduction into the world of flying aircraft. Highly recommended.
— Samantha Bradley (13th April 2015)
If you want to explore one of your many concealed dreams you should take to the sky with Virtual Aviation and have an unforgettable experience.
— Erik Sam Eyde (19th January 2015)
The entire experience was first class. The instructor Paul provided a completed and thorough briefing, which enabled me maximise the time in the simulator, which extended to flexibility in what I wanted to achieve during the session. We managed to include 2 circuits at Singapore and a aborted Take off , a Circuit at Hong Kong and finally a landing Heathrow.
— Mark Worsdell (31st March 2015)
The quality of the fixed simulator grapics at Cambridge were far better than I had imagined they would be; the clouds were particularly impressive! It was a privilege to have this opportunity and to do so much in two hours - taking off from Heathrow, Stansted, Zurich and Hong Kong, along with a fly past of Hong Kong’s old Kai Tak airport. The instructor made the experience really enjoyable with a balance of information, advice and good humour.
— Victoria L (28th September 2014)
This was my 6th or 7th session with Virtual Aviation. For the past few years the instructors have proven that they are very good indeed. They are above all good instructors, but also good in sensing one’s level of experience and to adjust the session to give maximum pleasure from a rather steep outlay. I know I have an expensive “hobby”, but nevertheless I try to come back every year or second year.
— Georg Messmann (23rd September 2014)
I was brought my flight experience as a 50th birthday present from my children it was an amazing gift a true dream come true. I would like to thank all the staff at Cambridge for there friendliness and first class hospitality .
— David B. (12th July 2014)
Fantastic facilities, friendly and helpful pilot. Simply a great experience.
— Darren Millington (19th June 2014)
‘d like to extend my thanks and to raise my hat to the staff at Virtual Aviation, who turned this into a special and memorable experience. All were hugely knowledgeable, courteous, friendly and enthusiastic at all times. Having a real-world ATP-licensed captain issuing instructions added hugely to the experience. He was outstanding - a real gentleman and (of course) hugely knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions.

This staff and sim in combination fulfilled a long-held dream. Thank you!
— James Ward (30th April 2014)
The facility was clean, functional and the staff were welcoming. Our instructor was excellent, listening to our requirements and questions. A tailored session, courteous to my family who had little flying knowledge. Excellent use of time, as a private pilot with an instrument rating, I’ve waited many years for this opportunity and I was in no way disappointed - other than needing many more hours!
It was an excellent and rewarding experience. Prior to the flight, I was expecting less of an experience than I ended up with - mostly due to my (false) perception that motion was required for accurate simulation - but the visuals and physical feedback from the controls make it almost irrelevant. During take off and approach, the visuals are so incredibly rich and involving that you become completely immersed in what’s going on around you - and the motion begins to take place in your head, as was evident from the comments coming from my ‘passengers’. I have some PPL time and of course plenty of hours on flight sim software - but nothing can prepare you for the visual drama that occurs when the screens come alive for the first time, and drop you onto the runway at London Heathrow. A thoroughly enjoyable hour or so, and one that I hope to be able to repeat in due course.
I booked this as a birthday gift for my brother, we visited the new facility in Cambridge and had a fantastic time. Excellent pilot-led instruction, really impressive simulation and to top it all off, great customer service.
Would love to be able to give lots of suggestions and constructive criticisms but it’s very difficult to do so. The whole experience was first class, my only complaint was how quickly the 4 hours passed!
The instructor was excellent, really reading each of our skills and making us work hard to an appropriate level. I won’t forget the challenge of fire bells going off followed by a single engine cross wind approach in to Heathrow with a fully laden Boeing 767! Two of us had been before, me and my brother but the other two in our group were flight instructors at different stages of their careers. To quote one of them - “that was the best aviation experience I’ve ever had”. Brilliant - we will be back!
The experience was top-notch from arranging the booking with the office staff to the reception, especially the instructor who went above and beyond to make sure I accomplished my goals - and then some. I will recommend Virtual Aviation to anyone I know who is interested in taking flight simulation to the next step.
I have now had 6 sessions in a full-motion simulator, 4 with Virtual Aviation. My latest session was the best simulation ever for 2 reasons: I came well prepared and the instructor was very, very good. Not only was he a good instructor but he was able to evaluate my flying experience and wishes, he tailored the session accordingly.
Amazing gift to give to my partner as a birthday present. He was already in to flying and after the flight simulator experience he even more excited about flying. The instructor was really thorough and clear on everything, he took the time to explain everything. The simulator was just like flying in real plane.