Read some of the feedback from recent customers.

Virtual Aviation was recommended to me by a Captain of Ryanair who had his sim prep almost 10 years ago. I had two sim prep sessions for Ryanair, the first in November and the second in March just before my interview. The first interaction with Virtual Aviation was by email and I was impressed by the professionalism and immediate response of the staff. The first sim prep that I had was with Bob (a Captain from Ryanair) and the second with Mark Linney. I was amazed by the high level of training and professionalism. Also, I was impressed with the hight level of knowledge and flying experience of the Captains. I will strongly recommend Virtual Aviation for any step in a pilot career.
— Stylianos Christodoulou, 18th April 2016
Very friendly instructors and team. Helpful and caring. Good team and very high level of knowledge.
— Stylianos Christodoulou, 5th April 2016
There was a miss communication between us regarding the dates of my two 1hr slots. I actually turned up a full week early (from Blackpool). The team were so accommodating and managed to squeeze me in. Thank you so much. To put the icing on the cake...I passed my sim assessment. I’m a happy boy.
— Chris Lindsay, 25th February 2016
Extremely useful simulator experience which proved invaluable during my airline assessment, which I subsequently passed and received a job offer. Many thanks.
— Matthew Wright, 20th January 2016
Highly recommended, high standards of training and assessment preparation. Excellent pre-flight briefing, valuable and useful advices from the sim instructor. Fantastic structure of the lesson and great atmosphere.
— Karolina Borkowska, 8th April 2016
I was extremely happy with the service I received from Virtual Aviation. My instructor did a great job in preparing me for my upcoming assessment. I would certainly recommend Virtual Aviation’s services!
— Ross Colman, 8th April 2016
I was recommended to have a sim preparation for my upcoming interview with VA, and when I got there I understood why. The very knowledgeable and experienced instructor helped me a lot, and I’m sure that part of my success is also due to Virtual Aviation and their staff.
— Elio Seccia, 10th March 2016
I highly recommend Virtual Aviation for anyone with an upcoming airline sim assessment. I was highly impressed by their excellent customer service, especially for organising my session at a very short-notice. They even recommended affordable accommodation a few minutes from the premises which made the experience stress-free. My instructor was a highly experienced Line Training Captain who has worked on short and long-haul operations with loads of experience on type, and he made sure that the session was tailored to my needs. The premises are very welcoming and the simulator worked like the real aircraft.
— Jonathan Ciantar Pisani, 22nd February 2016
As an experienced pilot I booked a refresher session to prepare myself for an airline selection process after not having flown for a while. The instructor fully understood my needs, tailored the session to exactly what I needed and demonstrated very good instructional technique in ensuring that I got the maximum value from the session. The session made a really big difference to personal performance at the airline selection day, not only in my flying accuracy but also in my confidence and awareness of what I was doing which really helped me relax and perform successfully. The session was well worth doing and I would recommend the training event to experienced pilots seeking a refresher as well as young chaps developing their skills.
— Neil Sheath, 11th December 2015
With no previous 747-400 experience and going for the British Airways simulator assessment, the decision to use Virtual for a famil and pre-assessment allowed me to enter the assessment with confidence and certainly less stress. I passed the assessment and thoroughly recommend using Virtual to anyone else in the same situation!
— Laurie, 1st May 2015
Pre return to work 4hr session sim session. This involved multiple airports, low visibility, engine out procedures, complex circling and visual approaches and failure management. Instructor was knowledgeable, accommodating, efficient and personable. The booking process was well handled in a proactive and friendly way by personable staff and information was transmitted promptly. All in all, a good experience. I wholly recommend Virtual Aviation.
— Morris, 15 Apr 2015
I was very impressed with the whole experience and strongly recommend Virtual Aviation to anyone looking for pre-assessment training. My instructor was a current training captain for the airline that I had an assessment with and I couldn’t have asked for a better insight as to what to expect. Brilliant experience and I’m really glad I booked in a session.
— Jon, 13 Apr 2015
My sim preparation was more than useful for the RYR assessment I’ve been through... So useful that I’ve received the results yesterday and I’m successful !! I’m so glad to have done that with Virtual Aviation. You were so professional and helpful for everything. It gave me all I needed to succeed for this assessment and thanks to you, I’ll begin a whole new career as a pilot... Dream became reality. Thank you again for everything.
— Alex, 3 Mar 2015
I called Virtual Aviation on very short notice, to train for an assment with Ryanair, I got a call back the same day and booked two 2hr slots. They got me very experienced instructors who contributed greatly to the fact that I passed the interview! I give them 10 out of 10 in every aspect.
— Jón Steinarr Þorsteinsson, 31 March 2015
Nicest bunch of folk I’ve met in aviation!
— Paul M, 3 Feb 2015
This was one of the best sim sessions I have ever had! It was a very professional, friendly and informative service that will prepare you for any interview. I passed my Jet2 pilot apprentice simulator assessment and it is all thanks to the team at Virtual Aviation!
— Jason W
I completed a 2 hour session in the B738 sim with Virtual Aviation at Cambridge Airport. Currently, I serve as a Captain with a major low cost airline and decided to book some sim time in advance of an upcoming assessment in China. I was amazed at how realistic the sim was. The visuals were excellent and the control feel/response was much better than I’m used to in a full-flight sim (FFS). The database stored all the airport and nav data required for the detail, and my instructor was first class. He prepared well for the session and the sim provided the perfect platform for practicing raw-data and hand flying skills, which is rarely performed on the line. I would definitely recommend Virtual Aviation at Cambridge, no matter what the requirements.
— Frank A
Top quality preparation, I would highly recommend to anyone before going to an assessment. Helped me be successful
— Harry, 10 Mar 2015
My instructor was excellent. Highly knowledgeable and ran a very thorough, extensive and relaxed session. Gave me the confidence for my job interview sim check, and I got the job.
— Stephen M, 30 Jan 15
I found this experience VERY helpful. As the assessment I was very confident with the airplane thanks to the hours I did with Virtual Aviation. The instructor has been extremely helpful, I remain impressed from his professionalism. Thanks to Virtual Aviation I got the job!
— Marco T
In the space on 1 hour I learnt a huge amount about handling the Airbus A320 and I am now a lot more confident regarding my upcoming simulator assessment. I like to thank my instructor for his valuable advice.
— Chris S
The preparation I received was immensely useful and I felt much more confident on the assessment day. The profiles we practised were very similar and in fact harder, I think! Thank you so much.
— Paul S
What more can I say apart from that I feel a lot more confident and ready to get the job. A massive thank you to the Virtual Aviation office staff and my instructor.
— Kaiser A
I have a Ryanair assessment soon and had 2 preparation sessions with Virtual Aviation. This was the right choice, the instructors helped me meet the Ryanair assessment requirements. Overall, great service.
— Atte K
The preparation with Virtual Aviation really benefited me for my assessment. My instructor was very helpful, friendly and insightful. I was very relaxed and quietly confident for my Ryanair assessment as a result from my 2 hour session. I would have no hesitation in recommending Virtual Aviation to anyone.
— Bryan M
Well organised and well-structured simulator session; in preparation for an airline interview. Very knowledgable instructor who gave me some useful tips and sensible feedback throughout the session. A valuable confidence booster before the big day. Thank you.
— Anonymous