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All the quality you'd expect from a full flight simulator, at a much lower hourly rate.

When we set out to acquire a flight simulator of our own, we were very clear on what we needed.

We'd been operating airline-owned full flight simulators at Heathrow and Gatwick since 1997, so we were used to offering high-quality training devices.

What we wanted was a fixed-base simulator that offered all the quality of a full-motion simulator, but at a much lower cost.

It has taken several years to find the ideal device, but now we have it. Our brand-new B737-800 fixed-base simulator entered service on 1st January 2013.

Our new simulator is housed in a purpose-built airside facility alongside our head office at Cambridge Airport, close to London Stansted Airport.

What's so special about this new simulator?

This is the newest and most advanced B737 fixed-base simulator in the UK:

Collimated Visual System

Our fixed-base simulator is the only one in the UK to be fitted with a collimated visual system. Because of the cost, you would normally only find a collimated visual system on a Level-D full flight simulator (FFS), but we felt it was essential. The 200x40 'wraparound' collimated visual system creates a true 3D environment outside the cockpit, and is far superior to simply projecting the computer-generated image onto a flat or curved white panel.

Rockwell Collins EP-8000 Image Generator

The EP-8000 is widely recognised as the most advanced image generator available for new full flight simulators, and this is the first time it has been integrated into a fixed-base simulator. It provides the best possible scenery, weather and custom airport models. The EP-8000 is actually superior to the image generators on most full flight simulators currently in service.

What can the simulator be used for?

Airlines and Approved Training Organisations

  • OPC
  • Assessment/screening
  • Multi Crew Cooperation Courses (MCC)
  • Jet Orientation Courses (JOC)
  • Instrument training
  • B737 familiarisation
  • Command preparation
  • Refresher
  • Raw-data flying

The simulator is available for dry hire.
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CAA Qualification Certificate

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