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Airline Interview Preparation for MCC+JOC students

Airline Interview Preparation for MCC+JOC students

AirlineReady™... what does this mean?

Each year, hundreds of pilots gain an MCC qualification but fail to get a job. Virtual Aviation Flight Training has a 16-year history of helping pilots to secure their first airline job, and our unique AirlineReady™ MCC+JOC has been developed with exactly that in mind, providing students with much more than just a generic MCC qualification.

Up in the air: the aim of the AirlineReady™ MCC+JOC is to provide you with the quickest possible route to an airline job.

Up in the air: the aim of the AirlineReady™ MCC+JOC is to provide you with the quickest possible route to an airline job.

Throughout your instrument rating, you have been taught to fly and handle a multi-engine piston aircraft as a single pilot. The Multi Crew Cooperation Course is then designed to convert those skills learnt into flying airline routes with another crew member in the cockpit, whereas the Jet Orientation teaches you to handle a large swept wing jet transport aircraft.

But after this, then what?

Most pilots find themselves at an abrupt halt as they tackle the daunting task of finding their first job. With more pilots becoming qualified over time, the competition for a limited amount of positions is getting tougher. With this in mind, getting to the interview stage is the first major challenge and now Virtual Aviation is here to make that challenge easier.

In collaboration with pilots soft-skills specialists, AviationShake, the Virtual Aviation AirlineReady™ MCC+JOC now includes a comprehensive airline interview preparation package for all students, at no extra cost.

This will include one-to-one interview interview skills coaching with an experienced and current airline recruiter, followed by a mock interview. You will also benefit from having a professionally written and structured CV and covering letter prepared for you (prepared from scratch... no templates!), to help you stand out from the crowd.

There is more information about the interview preparation package here:

The popularity of this new course means that we are fully booked for the next month, and have very limited availability between now and the end of this year. The remaining spaces in October, November and December are likely to be filled in the next few weeks, and we are already accepting bookings for early 2015.