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The APS MCC course not only boosted my confidence during the simulator assessment, but also helped me out during the interview. In fact the APS is going to be an important part of your CV. I would point out that the professionalism shown by all the VA team is remarkable. How to do briefings, how to approach the SOPs, and also what is good CRM, are key elements of the course. Thanks for having given me such a great experience.
— Gabriele Padovano
I am delighted to say that less than 2 months after completing my MCC with VA, I have been offered a job flying the 757 for Thomas Cook. A huge thank you to all the staff and instructors at VA who did an incredible job of preparing me for the next stage. The skills and knowledge I gained from the course was vital to my success at selection, and the free sim session prior to the sim assessment was a life saver. Thank you very much to everyone involved.
— Peter Login
After investigating many training organisations, I am so pleased I enrolled with Virtual Aviation on the AirlineReady course. The instruction and knowledge of the instructors was outstanding, but most impressive their ability and want to share knowledge both technical and ‘real live’ scenarios. Whilst not a type rating on the 737-800 you will certainly come away feeling confident in handling the jet, working as a flight deck team and give a fantastic foundation for a type-rating. Coupled with a professional and efficient office team I would without hesitation highly recommend them.
— Dan Wilson
Thank you so much for your help and support prior and during the Airline Ready course. I have nothing but high regard and admiration for the Virtual Aviation Team and the services you offer. The course was most informative. The training material presented was clearly structured and organised. The simulator sessions were conducted in a highly professional manner and all feedback received was positive and encouraging. Please pass on my personal thanks to Alan Snow, Bill Chivers and Colin Ross. I’m looking forward seeing you all again to prepare for an airline simulator assessment.
— Lee Spencer
I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been offered a job with Jet2! In the interview they asked me where I did my MCC & JOC, and obviously I told them it was with VA. They have been very impressed with the standards of the people coming from your training organisation, and couldn’t praise the company enough! Thank you again for all your help!
— Benjamin Cartlidge
I would like to say a huge thank you all not only for the excellent training I received at VA but also your flexibility throughout my airline ready course and the support that has been shown during and after after course completion. Virtual offer a personal touch to their service which makes all the difference. I still regularly receive contact from guys in the office and also my instructor Colin is always more than happy to offer advice. I am pleased to inform you that I have been offered a position with Eastern Airways. It’s been an exciting journey and I’m sure things are only just beginning!
— Ben Micallef
All of the instructors and staff were exemplary, and demonstrated professionalism prior and throughout the course. It felt hard to call it a course, as each day was so enjoyable, I could not wait to get back in the sim the following day. The course content was relevant and taught through real-life examples, which made it extremely easy to take on board. Overall, an outstanding course that I would highly recommend!
— Shane Sobral
Two weeks of hard work and fun for AirlineReady MCC/JOC course! Great team at Virtual Aviation with current airline pilots as instructors. Many thanks to Capt. Sedgwick and Capt. Snow! I flew up to Cambridge from the south of France because I felt that Virtual Aviation was genuinely interested in the success of their students and after the course I knew I had made the right decision. Everything required to succeed is there: professionalism, generosity, knowledge. The simulator is outstanding, the graphics are so immersive you would think it is real! Thank you to all!
— Thierry Pampusa
You all clearly love the jobs you do and it shows through from the moment you arrive on the first day through to the final day. The small groups makes learning easier and the facilities and learning environment are first class. Thank you so much!
— Martin Day
A professional and well put together course with excellent instructors, and not forgetting the staff working behind the scenes. This course is not just a ‘tick in the box’ but goes above and beyond to take you from a piston twin single pilot to a modern jet in a multi crew environment. Not only this but it lays a solid foundation for any future type rating course the student my embark on.
— Paul Tyrer
When I look back at me before the training it’s now like looking at another person. This course takes you to next level of knowledge and experience. Thank You VA Team!!!
— Peter Gorski
I have just returned from Virtual Aviation having completed the AirlineReady MCC and JOC course. The whole experience was a pleasure from start to finish. The quality of instruction provided is first class as is the 737-800 simulator. The whole team are supportive and in my opinion Virtual Aviation offers the perfect environment to complete one of the most important parts of your training and I would not hesitate in recommending them to others.
— Liam Sandie
The instructors are well experienced and very knowledgable and I learnt a lot from them. The course does not only teach you how to fly a jet aircraft but teaches you the importance of CRM. There are only a few students on the course so the instructors can focus on the students progress and areas where they may need to improve. Excellent course, throughly enjoyed it and I would recommend Virtual Aviation for an MCC+JOC qualification as you get what you paid for.
— Awwaab Ghanchi
This was the best experience in my whole flight training and I would highly recommend it! Many thanks!
— Lucas Kobusinski
I chose Virtual Aviation because they have a very accurate and immersive Boeing 737-800 simulator (not generic) and use Boeing SOPs with a blend of well know airlines. Also, because the Instructors are all very experienced Training Captains from the airlines many of us aspire to. The combined MCC/JOC course was very challenging and I would not attempt an airline simulator assessment without completing it to a satisfactory standard. The whole team were very friendly and welcoming while providing a very professional service.
— Gareth Bliss
Virtual Aviation is an extremely professional, friendly company with great links and contacts within the industry. The instructors and staff are very knowledgable and helpful, making my time there highly enjoyable. I would recommend Virtual Aviation to anyone who is considering an MCC, JOC or airline sim preparation. I will certainly be back to do my simulator preparation when the time comes. 10/10!
— Ben McCutcheon
The simulator was extremely realistic which allowed me to gain a thorough understanding of the handling characteristics of a 737-800NG. The instructors have a wealth of experience and knowledge which means they are able to teach beyond the syllabus and give me as a student an insight into the reality of flying transport category aircraft. An informative, well structured and hugely enjoyable course.
— Timothy Gray
If you’re looking for professionals, you won’t be disappointed! From secretariat and logistics to sim instructors, every people working there, are working for you! Thank you for the welcome by the way! Ok it might be more expensive than elsewhere, but here you get what you paid for! You’re really prepared for what’s coming next: final assesment on a 737 sim (or same type of aircraft)! Even the assesment preparation package is really more than useful. The simulator is perfect! There’s nothing more to say! THANK YOU ALL! It was a pleasure to work with you! I’ll definitely recommend you guys! I’ll keep in touch! Thiemo, The French Guy!
— Thiemo Hebre
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Virtual Aviation. Not only was the course delivered up to a high standard, the team were very mindful of the students and made particular effort to create a personal atmosphere. It was as though we were part of the family. It was evident from the very qualified instructors that they had a high degree of knowledge in working in a multi-crew environment, thus were sharp in identifying the mistakes the students had made, even the less obvious ones. The lesson feedbacks were informative and concise so we knew exactly which parts we needed to work on. I would highly recommend Virtual Aviation to anyone seeking to attain the MCC and JOC qualification. Many thanks team!
— Simone Tao
I was incredibly impressed by Virtual Aviation, from the first day I started to the day I departed, I felt as if I was truly valued as a customer. The team are great and very attentive to their students, they do well to strike a personal atmosphere amongst their students, a quality which I find many ATOs neglect today. The administration was very efficient and I was very satisfied with the accommodation which Virtual Aviation had secured for me. The instruction was fantastic with clearly a good selection of motivated and inspiring instructors who have a high degree of line experience. I found the TKI sessions to be very engaging and felt the content wasn’t merely to achieve a tick in the box, but to integrate how important CRM is through the use of contemporary examples and open forums of discussion within the TKI sessions. The simulator is also excellent and evidently much thought has been put into its design, the cockpit has a high level of authenticity and handles just how I imagine a 737 to handle. Lesson feedback was detailed well in the form of end of lesson de-briefs and prompt digital lesson report forms. Finally, I feel my experience was very nicely topped off when my instructor took it upon himself to drive me to London City airport (where he was based) despite the fact he he did not need to report until almost 2 hours after getting to the airport and this just reaffirms my opinion that Virtual Aviation truly knows how to incite a customer care culture within the organisation.
— Matthew Pugsley
Virtual Aviation is a very professional establishment providing instruction and service to a very high standard. All members of staff make it their job to ensure you have everything you need to get the most out of the course, generating a very welcoming and family like environment for you to work in. The training they offer at Virtual Aviation really did prepare me for the assessment with Ryanair, both in terms of the Multi-Crew environment and the raw data flying profile we were asked to perform. My interview assessment with Ryanair was successful and will I be beginning my training with them in July.
— Thomas Hulme
Virtual Aviation was recommended to me by several friends who had completed the Airline Ready course with them previously. Before deciding to proceed with them I thoroughly researched other providers from all cost ranges and locations - none seemed as welcoming or supportive as the Virtual Aviation team. As soon as I’d experienced my preview visit I was certain of my choice. The simulator is fantastic and the instructors are all incredibly experienced airline pilots, many of whom are still active in airlines.

The emphasis VA has put on the material to study for this course is vital as we covered so much more than I had anticipated. As soon as I enrolled on the website I had access to all the study material required for the entire course, including technical aircraft information and cockpit displays for familiarisation. They’re always quick to respond to any queries via phone or email and the information on the website is clear and concise.

The course had a very steep learning curve and were a lot of fun! Each day was challenging and filled with a huge amount of detailed content. No questions would go unanswered and we all (staff and students alike) had many laughs along the way. I cannot fault the training provided at Virtual Aviation and have been incredibly satisfied with the relationships they develop with students like myself. I’m looking forward to going back soon to prepare for an airline assessment with them and have already recommended the course to some of my friends finishing their CPL/IR training.
— Jack Farmer
I would like to say a very big thanks to all of you at Virtual. The past two weeks have been a fantastic experience, and I feel I have learned a lot. You are all very professional, approachable, and generous. I know it has been said before by others - it is refreshing to find an ATO genuinely interested in the success of their students. I feel I made a fantastic decision coming to you!
— Alasdair Ness
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Virtual Aviation for delivering a thoroughly enjoyable MCC/JOC. I wanted to learn and develop my skills in the unfamiliar Multi-Crew Environment and my instructors were most helpful in ensuring I achieved this. The facilities were perfect for our course and VA was flexible in ensuring we had extra time in the simulator where necessary. I’d recommend VA to anyone looking for a well-structured MCC/JOC. Many thanks!
— George Santos
Virtual Aviation is an ATO that has a good training facility and instructors with a lot of experience. They’ll push you to stretch your potential with good result. The staff were prompt and very helpful throughout the training. An all round good organisation that strives for brilliance.
— David Wallace
If you come from abroad, like me, have no fear. At Virtual Aviation everyone, from staff to teachers, is committed to providing you with the best possible training.
— Paolo Germani
Virtual Aviation delivered a professional MCC/JOC course with a high standard of instruction throughout. The simulator is a pleasure to fly, and the real world experience within the company ensures that the training is relevant and up to date. I really enjoyed this experience and would recommend VA to anybody.
— Adam Boyle
Thoroughly enjoyed the mcc joc course with virtual aviation, the staff there create a great atmosphere going through the course. Their Boeing 737-800 simulator is amazing and more than prepares you for the real aircraft. Going through the course you get to meet current airline pilots, where you can take the unique opportunity to ask any questions you like which made it even better.
— Jordan Lawrence
Great staff team eager to support you all the way. Very high level of experienced instructors - all coming from the airline industry with a background we can learn from. Serious airline-like behavior during sim sessions - summoning senior cabin crew to the flightdeck, PA announcements, ATC comms, use of headsets during the entire sim sessions, as well as using current SOPs used in the best airlines, was really outstanding! Would happily go through it all again!
— Pedro Viola
Starting from the management, staff were very friendly, willing and professional from the first place. The instructors were very experienced and helpful, and would help even after the lesson. I received from them a very good overall view of multi crew operations and for some other situations in the job which will help me in the future. The training centre facilities were very good, the presentations and manuals given very helpful and - last but not least - the simulator was amazing, giving the feel of flying in real. Highly recommended.
— Kyriakos Nikolaou
During my interview I was proud to tell the panel I had done my MCC and JOC training at Virtual Aviation. In my personal opinion all the training provided to me has been first class. The simulator assessment preparation was great I thoroughly enjoyed it and it gave me the confidence I needed to get the job. Sincere thanks once again!
— Thomas Bennett
A very professional and friendly team providing you all the best for your formation.
— Joseph Questi
A very professional course. The situations flown in the simulator were challenging but very educating at the same time. I would recommend Virtual Aviation to anybody who is considering an MCC and JOC.
— Joshua Parry
An outstanding experience and perfect preparation leading into a type rating course on the 737NG. The enthusiasm, knowledge and energy of the instructors was paramount in helping us progress through this challenging, fast paced and highly rewarding course. I would happily go through it all again!
— Thomas Bury
The course was very challenging and interesting. The instructors are extremely qualified, with a lot of experience and on a very friendly manner! It’s nice to have courses in small groups (4 persons theory, 2 persons SIM), because than you get all the (personal) attention you need. There’s a lot of work to do in these few days to learn all the SOP’s and technical information, but it gives you a first impression what pro-flying is all about. I will certainly recommend VA to everyone who needs a qualitative training in how to fly a jet aircraft in a multicrew configuration!
— Stefan Verhegge
Very professional with active pilots as instructors and highly recommended for assessment preparations.
— Andreas Parides
I completed my MCC/JOC with Virtual Aviation last December and immediately applied to my airline of choice. One week later I was contacted and one month on I passed my assessment and interview! I have absolutely no doubt that doing my “AirlineReady” MCC/JOC course was instrumental in securing my first airline position. On the assessment day my sim felt exactly the same as during the MCC/JOC, which helped me to keep ahead of the airplane throughout the assessment. The CRM component of the course was fantastic – I feel what really helped me during assessment was how my MCC instructors really emphasised the critical aspects of CRM – on the day I was well aware of the need to underscore these for my assessor’s benefit. The AviationShake HR preparation package was invaluable – as a consequence, during the HR part of my interview I was able to deduce what the HR assessor was trying to find out about me & constructed my answers accordingly. Very recommended!
— Chris Masel
Very professional school, and amazing simulator. We received high quality of training and great knowledge. Highly recommended.
— Maria Lazarou
High standard of training throughout the course, and will definitely recommend to others! Thank you.
— Benjamin Cartlidge
My experience was fantastic, I feel that the instructor quickly judged my ability to absorb new information and ‘fine-tuned’ the course in such a way that I came out learning and experiencing much more then I had expected to do so. Now that the course is finished, I wish it was longer!
— William T
Extremely well organised. Very professional instructors. Very impressed!
— Thomas Bennett
In December I was invited to an assessment with Ryanair. I was successful and this April I will start my type rating course. I am very happy that I can finally take my career up in the air.
— Vincent G
Excellent course, instructors and facilities. I have taken so much from the course and hope to the transfer the skills to day-to-day ops on the ATP. The classroom part has been easily the best CRM course I have attended. Many thanks for everything.
— Gary McQuillan
Thanks for delivering such a professional, organised and interesting MCC/JOC. Moreover, thanks for doing it in such a personable and friendly way. The aviation world can sometimes be overly serious and forget why we all came to it in the first place - because we love flying! The last two weeks definitely reminded us both how much we enjoy being commercial pilots and that’s as important as any qualification passed.
— Trevor Diamond
From start to finish, a professional and intuitive course. To be perfectly honest, I could not have asked for any more. I’m sure what I’ve taken from the last week will stand me in good stead for the future. I cannot thank you all enough.
— Lee Butler
I’ve just heard that I am hired by Ryanair and I am starting my training on 12th May. Vincent is hired at Ryanair as well, so that’s also good news! So finally I can start my career at a big airline!
— Joost K
An amazing experience. When we landed in Cambridge one of the staff members was waiting for us, gave us a quick tour in the simulator and dropped us at our hotel. The course was quite an exertion but I learned very much and it was great for my skills. We had a fantastic instructor who adjusted the simulator sessions to our wishes. In my opinion it is the best fixed base simulators there is.
— Vincent G
I was invited to an assessment with Ryanair on 30th June, so, one week before, I did the JOC plus the Simulator Assessment Preparation at Virtual Aviation, and for sure it was a great help for me to successfully pass the assessment! At Virtual Aviation I found a very helpful and friendly staff, an excellent instructor and an awesome simulator. During the simulator sessions the instructor was not judging my skills as a pilot, but focused on making me more comfortable flying a jet airplane, what makes the course very enjoyable and we can actually feel our progress in terms of handling of the B737-800. I would happily go through it all again! Virtual Aviation will always be on top of my recommendations.
— António Barreto
Thanks for everything! I would definitely recommend Virtual Aviation.
— Alberto Salvati
Overall a thoroughly delivered course and knowledgeable, enthusiastic instructor who paid attention to every detail. I would have no hesitation in recommending Virtual Aviation to anyone looking for a friendly simulator training provider and would certainly return for a pre-interview simulator check.
— Ian D
I found the course challenging but rewarding and very good value for money. The level of training goes beyond the basic MCC and has prepared me well to take on the all-important first simulator assessment and in the near future a type rating. The instructors are full of knowledge and have plenty of experience. I chose VA because i wanted to stand out from the rest!
— Aaron Levanthal
The APS MCC course is very well thought out and arranged, making it quite demanding at constant pace. It does NOT go up and down neither in speed nor in workload demands – allowing for full rest and preparation before each simulator session.

I found every instructor and operations team member at VA to be very invested on us cadets – everyone certainly gave us lots to work with and to work on. The different styles among instructors and support staff are something to highlight, since as airline pilots we will not only be flying with different captains every day but will also be working with a very diverse staff in operations as well. The VA team work very well together add to the dynamics whenever possible.

The manuals and materials are very clear and to the point and are neither light nor overwhelming. I am keeping them close and have been using them as much as my ATPL ground school notes to prepare for interviews.

VA has a GREAT program going, and I would highly recommend it to everyone looking to experience a real-world LOE as early in their careers as possible.
— Martin Vedani
The experience at VA for the APS MCC was amazing in every aspect, from the staff all the way to the technical aspects. I felt very comfortable during the entire course as they really go the extra mile to assist you. The APS really prepares you and gives you a good idea of what to expect in the future and allowed me to feel very comfortable in the sim assessments for several airlines, and it’s thanks to VA’s staff and the course that I managed to pass them all. I would definitely recommend doing this course
— Jesus Rodriguez Merino