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The new standard in airline pilot training

The Airline Pilot Standards (APS MCC) has been introduced by EASA to deliver enhanced MCC training.

This new framework is intended to "equip a pilot with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSAs) required to commence initial type rating training to the standards generally required by an airline employer.”

The new APS MCC syllabus incorporates 'advanced swept-wing jet aeroplane training' and 'advanced airline operations scenario training' followed by a final skills assessment.

APS MCC includes regular progress checks throughout training, and only trainees who achieve the required performance level in their final assessment will be issued with an APS MCC certificate.

Our AirlineReady® APS MCC replaces the MCC+JOC, and was the first APS MCC course in the UK to be approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Is our APS MCC right for you?

Our AirlineReady® APS MCC is challenging: it requires a high level of commitment and self-discipline, ideally suited for motivated and hard-working trainees.

What's included?

20 days total duration including rest and study days comprising:

  • 28 hours (4.5 days) of Theoretical Knowledge Instruction, all courseware and a flight deck poster

  • 40 hours (10 days) of simulator training in our new Airbus A320 or Boeing 737-800 simulators

  • Unlimited access to FMC trainers, flight deck mockups and self-study facilities

  • Standard Operating Procedures manual for your personal use

  • Competency Assurance™ from VA for complete peace of mind

Course fee:

  • £6,900 inc VAT (£5,750 ex VAT) including Competency Assurance™

  • Payable in three equal instalments:

    Payment 1 - £2,300 (due at time of booking to secure your course place)

    Payment 2 - £2,300 (due 31 days before course start)

    Payment 3 - £2,300 (due prior to course start)

  • We are a registered partner with Pegasus Finance should you need financial support to fund your course

Book your Careers Guidance Visit with one of our advisors:

These visits are free of charge. It's a great way to find out more about the airline industry, APS MCC and what it's like to train with VA. During your visit you will:

  • Tour our Cambridge Airport Training Centre

  • Fly our simulators (Airbus A320 or Boeing 737-800) to experience what airline training comprises

  • Talk with VA staff and instructors

  • Meet current APS MCC trainees

  • View all course materials

Course dates

APS MCC courses normally start on a Monday and last 20 days, finishing on a Saturday. From April onwards, courses will be starting every week.
VA Airline Training is the only ATO in Europe offering trainees a choice of aircraft types for APS MCC.

Boeing 737-800

Mon 4 March - Sat 23 March Waiting List
Mon 18 March - Sat 6 April Waiting List
Mon 1 April - Sat 20 April Waiting List
Mon 15 April - Sat 4 May Final Call
Mon 29 April - Sat 18 May
Mon 13 May - Sat 1 June
Mon 27 May - Sat 15 June
Mon 10 June - Sat 29 June
Mon 24 June - Sat 13 July
Mon 8 July - Sat 27 July
Mon 22 July - Sat 10 Aug

Airbus A320

Mon 8 April - Sat 27 April Final Call
Mon 22 April - Sat 11 May
Mon 6 May - Sat 25 May
Mon 20 May - Sat 8 June
Mon 3 June - Sat 22 June
Mon 17 June - Sat 6 July
Mon 1 July - Sat 20 July
Mon 15 July - Sat 3 Aug
Mon 29 July - Sat 17 Aug

Please Note: We currently have a limited number of places available during the next few months, so please contact us to check available dates.

*If you require a Visa to train with us, you can find out more here.

NEW Competency Assurance™ from VA

Our APS MCC graduates are achieving impressive airline employment success – with over 92% of graduates to date securing employment within an average of 43 days after completing their training. This is clear testament to the success of our APS MCC training combined with the high quality of trainees, experienced instruction and resources provided at VA.

To align all VA training courses with ICAO Competency-based Training and Assessment (CBTA) we have introduced our new Competency Assurance™ to provide you with complete peace of mind during your training:

  1. Our APS MCC course has been well-designed to enable you to achieve ICAO core competencies concluding with a skills assessment and we are totally committed to you achieving this successful outcome:

    • If we decide that additional training is required to enable you to achieve the required standard, the additional training will be provided by VA at no additional cost. This enables you to focus completely upon your training and not worry about finding additional funds to your primary APS MCC course fee of £6,900 inc VAT.

  2. We do recognise that on rare occasions the APS MCC skills test standard may be beyond reach despite best endeavours. In these circumstances we take a fair and ethical position:

    • If after receiving additional training, you are still unable to reach the APS MCC skills assessment competence, you will still receive an MCC Completion Certificate and a partial refund of your fee of £2,400 inc VAT.

  • In the very highly unlikely event that our Head of Training ceases your training early and you are unable to receive an MCC Completion Certificate, you will receive a full refund of your fee, less a small deductible of £900 inc VAT.

This unique provision of Competency Assurance™ by VA offers even greater comfort to airlines and trainees alike that our APS MCC graduates are AirlineReady® for entry into aircraft type rating training.

image-121 copy.jpg

New Airbus A320 simulator

Our brand-new Airbus A320 simulator will be in service from 4 March 2019, and in use for APS MCC courses starting from 8 April 2019.

Due to the dominance of the Airbus A320 Family over the Boeing 737 amongst European airlines - and with VA offering the only APS MCC course in Europe on an A320 simulator - there is strong demand for this aircraft type.

Please contact our Airline Training Advisors on 01223 979737 to book a Career Guidance Visit. It’s free charge, and you will get to meet instructors and current trainees, and fly the new A320 simulator.

Graduate Testimonials

Graduate Success Stories

More than 300 AirlineReady® graduates are flying for over 40 different airlines worldwide. Read some of the Success Stories and find out more about their unique journey into an airline pilot career. Click here to view more Success Stories

Be inspired by the City of Cambridge during your training

  • Courses take place at our Cambridge Airport Training Centre which is close to London Stansted.

  • Cambridge Airport is just 10 minutes from the city centre and railway station, with shuttle buses running every 10 minutes.

Getting to Cambridge

  • Cambridge is easily accessible from all five London airports.

  • Trains run non-stop from London Kings Cross (journey time 45 minutes) every thirty minutes and from London Stansted Airport on a frequent basis.


  • We offer dedicated accommodation packages costing £695 for the full three weeks. You will have a private room in a house shared with other VA trainees.

  • Alternative accommodation options are available, and we can discuss these options with you.

Enquiry Form

To request more information book a Career Guidance Visit, please call our Airline Training Advisors on 01223 979737 or send us a message.

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