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Intensive Simulator Assessment Preparation

There's an emerging trend for schemes which allow low-hour pilots with just a CPL ME/IR qualification to apply to an airline BEFORE completing any multi-crew or jet training such as MCC, MCC+JOC or APS MCC.

Schemes like this can be a great opportunity, but they also come with a risk - as your chance of passing the simulator assessment may be drastically lower.

That is inevitable and understandable, as you will usually be assessed in a multi-crew environment in a jet simulator, and you have not been trained in these skills yet.

If you are successful, the multi-crew training will be provided to you later - but first you must pass the assessment.

If you don't pass, you may not be allowed to re-apply for 12 months, depending on the airline involved - so it's very important to be aware of the risks and do everything you can to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

What's different about 'intensive' simulator assessment preparation?

  • It's designed especially for pilots who don't yet have multi-crew cooperation or jet handling experience.

  • The intensive training will help to build skills in these two key areas as rapidly as possible in the limited time available before your assessment.

  • It's one-to-one and flexible, allowing the instructor to adapt what's included as you go along, in order to best suit your needs.

  • It includes a minimum of 8 hours simulator training.*

*Pilots who have recently completed our AirlineReady® APS MCC, which includes 40 hours simulator training, (or similar courses elsewhere) normally book 2-4 hours of simulator assessment preparation before an airline assessment. So, for anybody without a recent MCC qualification, 8 hours is a realistic minimum.

Why book with VA?

VA has been providing Simulator Assessment Preparation since 2006, and we have already helped over 1,000 pilots to secure their first airline job, so our experience is unrivalled.

Unlike most of the other companies who are now offering a similar service, VA is an EASA Approved Training Organisation, and we only operate CAA-certified simulators.



Our Cambridge Airport Flight Training Centre is easily accessible from all five London airports:

  • London Stansted: 35 mins

  • London Luton: 65 mins

  • London City: 65 mins

  • London Heathrow: 80 mins

  • London Gatwick: 95 mins

There are frequent non-stop trains to Cambridge from London Kings Cross (approx 45 mins) and Stansted Airport (approx 30 mins).

Our Client Services Team can provide assistance with local hotel accommodation and travel arrangements.

Course structure and price

We use a fixed base simulator because it's more cost effective, and also because most airline assessments are now conducted using fixed base simulators.

There is the option to upgrade to 12 hours simulator training  over three days, with the additional session being charged on a pro-rata basis.

Simulator sessions are available 20 hours per day, 7 days per week, and you can often book at short notice if your airline assessment is imminent.

Intensive Simulator Assessment Preparation

includes 8 hours one-to-one simulator training over two days on a CAA-certified B737-800 fixed base simulator

Day 1
1-hour pre-flight briefing
4-hour simulator session
30-minute de-briefing

Day 2
1-hour pre-flight briefing
4-hour simulator session
30-minute de-briefing

Total Cost £2,150 plus VAT
(£2,580 including VAT)

That's equivalent to just £196 plus VAT per hour, based on 11 hours total training time, and includes all simulator and instructor fees.

Call 01223 979737 to check available dates or make a booking.

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