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A new option for MCC+JOC training

A new option for MCC+JOC training

We’ve been listening to what our MCC+JOC customers want, and it’s clear that flexibility is important. 

To accommodate our customers’ differing requirements, we’re making some changes to our MCC+JOC offering, which will apply to all courses starting from February 2018 onwards.

In addition to our existing MCC+JOC, which includes 36 hours simulator training, we will now also be offering an abbreviated version called the ‘Standard MCC+JOC’.

The Standard MCC+JOC will offer 28 hours of simulator training and can be completed in 14 days - so it’s ideal for pilots who are limited by time, but who still want high-quality training that covers the essentials. 

The course fee is just £4,980 including VAT, and this is intended to make high-quality MCC+JOC training affordable to more people.

For pilots who are determined to put in an exceptional performance during airline assessments, the additional jet handling skills of our existing course will prove highly beneficial. Currently called 'AirlineReady MCC+JOC', this will now be known as ‘Advanced MCC+JOC’.

Due to increased operating costs, the fee for this course will be increasing from £5,880 to £6,180. However, anyone booking a course which starts during January will be able to avoid this increase.

All courses in 2018 will be run on the brand-new B737-800 simulator which was installed during November and received CAA certification on 7 December.

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