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The AirlineReady™ MCC+JOC is an investment in your future as an airline pilot.

The AirlineReady™ MCC+JOC is a premium course developed to provide the most comprehensive possible preparation for airline employment.

It's also the only MCC+JOC in the UK to be delivered on a Boeing 737-800 simulator.

Over the last 18 years, Virtual Aviation has helped thousands of pilots secure their first airline jobs, so we have unrivalled knowledge and experience of exactly what airlines are looking for.


Introductory Video

What makes our course the best available?

The right aircraft type

We don't believe in using a generic jet simulator. Our Multi Crew Course is run on the glass cockpit Boeing 737-800, which also happens to be the aircraft type most commonly used by airlines for simulator assessments. 

Individual attention

With small class sizes and no more than two students per instructor, our instructors have more time to focus on your individual performance and address any areas which need particular attention.

Experienced instructors

We only employ MCC and JOC instructors of the highest calibre, and they possess the necessary experience and knowledge to help you develop your skills towards becoming a competent pilot of a multi-crew jet aircraft.

Valuable experience

This course will give you more than just a qualification. The B737-800 handling experience will serve as excellent preparation for a simulator assessment and the steep learning curve of undergoing type rating training.

Intensive and focussed

We designed this intensive course to include the most relevant content and optimum amount of classroom and simulator training. You will be surprised how rapidly your jet handling performance develops over the twelve days.

Proven track record

Virtual Aviation is a leading provider of specialist simulator training and we have helped many hundreds of commercial pilots secure their first airline position in the 18 years since the company was formed in 1997.

These are just some of the airlines our customers are now flying for

During my interview I was proud to tell the panel I had done my MCC and JOC training at Virtual Aviation. In my personal opinion all the training provided to me has been first class. The simulator assessment preparation was great I thoroughly enjoyed it and it gave me the confidence I needed to get the job. Sincere thanks once again!
— Thomas Bennett
I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been offered a job with Jet2! In the interview they asked me where I did my MCC & JOC, and obviously I told them it was with Virtual Aviation. They have been very impressed with the standards of the people coming from your training organisation, and couldn’t praise the company enough! Thank you again for all your help!
— Benjamin Cartlidge
An outstanding experience and perfect preparation leading into a type rating course on the 737NG. The enthusiasm, knowledge and energy of the instructors was paramount in helping us progress through this challenging, fast paced and highly rewarding course. I would happily go through it all again!
— Thomas Bury
I completed my MCC/JOC with Virtual Aviation and immediately applied to my airline of choice. One week later I was contacted and one month on I passed my assessment and interview! I have absolutely no doubt that doing my “AirlineReady” MCC/JOC course was instrumental in securing my first airline position. On the assessment day my sim felt exactly the same as during the MCC/JOC, which helped me to keep ahead of the airplane throughout the assessment. The CRM component of the course was fantastic – I feel what really helped me during assessment was how my MCC instructors really emphasised the critical aspects of CRM – on the day I was well aware of the need to underscore these for my assessor’s benefit.
— Chris Masel
Virtual Aviation is a very professional establishment providing instruction and service to a very high standard. All members of staff make it their job to ensure you have everything you need to get the most out of the course, generating a very welcoming and family like environment for you to work in. The training they offer at Virtual Aviation really did prepare me for the assessment with Ryanair, both in terms of the Multi-Crew environment and the raw data flying profile we were asked to perform. My interview assessment with Ryanair was successful and I will be beginning my training with them in July.
— Thomas Hulme

Course schedule

The course lasts 12 days in total. You should arrive in Cambridge the day before the course starts, and stay for two weeks.

Theoretical Knowledge Instruction

The groundschool phase includes 25 hours classroom training spread over 3 days.

There are regular breaks during each classroom day, and refreshments are provided free of charge. Students will also have access to the airside staff restaurant at the airport.

After the groundschool phase, students will have a day off before starting simulator training.

Flight Simulator Training

The simulator phase includes a total of 28 hours simulator training over the remaining 8 days, which includes a day off.

Simulator training days begin with a 1hr briefing, followed by a 4hr simulator detail and then a 1hr de-briefing.

As the simulator training days last 6hrs you will have plenty of time for self-study, as well as time to relax and enjoy your stay in Cambridge, or visit London.

Enjoy your stay in the historic City of Cambridge

Courses take place at our Cambridge Airport Training Centre which is close to London Stansted.

Cambridge is a great place to stay while you train with us. Cambridge Airport is just 10 minutes from the City Centre, with shuttle buses running every 10 minutes, so you can stay in the heart of the City and enjoy all that this famous university town has to offer.

Flying into London
Cambridge Airport is easily accessible from all five London airports. The journey time by car is around 30-35 minutes from London Stansted, 60 minutes from London Luton or London City, and around 90-120 minutes from London Heathrow or London Gatwick.

Trains to Cambridge
There are several trains from Central London to Cambridge every hour, and the nonstop journey time is around 45 minutes.

During your time off, why not enjoy some of the sights and attractions in Cambridge, or jump on a train to Central London?

A wide range of accommodation options

Accommodation packages start at just £260 for 12 nights host family accommodation, including breakfast, close to the Training Centre.

Cambridge attracts more than four million visitors each year, so there is a great selection of accommodation options to suit every budget, from hotels to luxury serviced apartments.

Cheryl Elliott-Edwards is your dedicated Student Liaison and her role is to assist you with your accommodation and travel arrangements, in advance of your visit and throughout your stay with us.

Read this blog post to find out more about Cheryl and the concierge service we offer free of charge to all students undertaking the AirlineReady™ MCC+JOC course. 

Please call Cheryl Elliott-Edwards on 01223 979737 for assistance with accommodation and transport.

Free Preview Visit

Take a demonstration flight at the controls of our B737-800 simulator

To help you find out more about our MCC+JOC training, we offer free-of-charge Preview Visits. Unlike traditional 'open days' these are arranged on a date to suit you, and are just for you.

During your Preview Visit you will be able to:

  • Meet members of the Virtual Aviation team
  • View the MCC and JOC course material
  • Tour the facilities at our Cambridge Airport Training Centre
  • Fly our Boeing 737-800 simulator

We really encourage you to investigate all of the different MCC courses available before selecting the training provider and course you feel is right for you.

Click here to arrange a date for your Preview Visit

Course dates and availability

We run several courses each month, with numbers limited to 4-6 students on each course.

Please note: As a number of ATOs send their students to us for MCC+JOC training, we have limited places available for students booking directly. At busy times, it may be necessary to book 3-4 months ahead.


AirlineReady™ MCC+JOC

What's Included?

- 67 hours total training over 12 days, including classroom and simulator training
- 28 hours simulator training on the Boeing 737-800

B737-800 Fixed Base Simulator (FNPT2)
Cambridge Airport, near London Stansted
£3,900 plus 20% VAT = £4,680

B737-800 Full Flight Simulator (Level-D)
London Gatwick
£6,650 plus 20% VAT = £7,980

Any questions?

If you would like information or advice, please call 01223 979737 and talk with our Flight Training Manager, Mark Green. Our office is open 7 days a week, 362 days a year.

If you are nearby, you are welcome to arrange a free-of-charge Preview Visit

Entry Requirements
You will need to hold a current EASA CPL with Instrument Rating and Multi-Engine experience (ME/IR) or the Skills Test pass certificates if awaiting licence issue.

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